Life imagined

When you were growing up, what did you imagine life was going to be like? Would you fall in love? Build a business? Live in town, the country,  or move out of the area you grew up at? Did you want kids? 1? 2? 3? Maybe you did not ever want children. The great thing is, it is your imagination and no one elses! You can always reinvent it and change your life in many ways. I worked in surgery for many years before I realized I wanted to reimage myself.  Others I know  who did the same were faced with obsticals too. A friend of mine was a ship builder.  He did not craft small boats but huge ships! At 40 years old he chose to change his occupation and went to medical school. That is a pretty big switch! If we break it down though, he is very good with his hands and that transfered to steady hand for his surgical practice. If you are thinking of doing something different, there is hope.  While at times others in your life may doubt your reasons, it is your life, your yearnings, your imagination!  What drives you?  Are you happy in your life, then great keep going.  Have you always felt you wanted to do another something in your life, what is stopping you? Sometimes it is a fact of just being stuck and life is okay.  This is our once time around this time, use it wisely!  Lessons to be learned, adventures to go on, and life your best life today, don't wait. What is your Life Imagined?  Are you living it?