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Are you experiencing stress from work, school, or home life? Is the past affecting your future? Career concerns? Newly divorced? Dating struggles? Transitioning phases of life (college, retirement, widows), Chronic illness/chronic disease management, Cancer Support?  We have therapists who are trained to help with children and individuals, couples, and alternative Lifestyles. We are therapists who each provide different services. Check out our therapists in Ohio and Florida.  We have the experience to assist you! Please go to our About Me tab to see who we are and contact us today!

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Seeking Coaching? Non-Insurance Services

Are you seeking a results coach to achieve your goals in life and work? Coaching helps the individual to achieve your personal best and produce results in your personal and professional life. Coaching may include helping to motivate and empower the individual's strengths and develop opportunities to improve individual performance, taking responsibility, meeting deadlines, have support for accountability, in areas such as health and wellness, career, lifestyle changes, and life coaching. Self-care and support is a high value to create changes. Individual plans are created using multiple types of techniques. We offer several types of coaching through Julie, Yentl, and Steve-who will review contracts, and assist in the development of business, along with reviews to decrease the cost of your attorney fees for changes in marriage and more.  Please see our page on Coaching for additional information including corporate functions.

We provide telehealth online therapy for residents in Ohio and Florida

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