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Offering Grief & Bereavement Counseling Services to Newark, OH, Residents

Understanding Your Grief:

Understanding your grief is a deeply personal journey marked by unique pain points and challenges. The experience of loss can flood you with overwhelming emotions such as profound sadness, guilt, simmering anger, and a profound sense of emptiness. It's not uncommon to feel utterly stuck, adrift, or unable to navigate the simplest tasks of daily life in the aftermath of a significant loss.

Types of Losses:

  • Losses come in many forms, from the death of a loved one to job loss, illness, or relationship endings.
  • Empty Nester transitions, loss of identity, and more
  • Each loss carries its own weight and can trigger complex emotions and struggles.

Recognizing When to Seek Help:

  • If you find yourself unable to move forward, feeling constantly overwhelmed by grief, or struggling to function in your daily life, it may be time to seek professional support.
  • Thoughts of self-harm, hopelessness, or a sense of being stuck are clear indicators that you could benefit from grief counseling.

How Grief Counseling Can Help:

  • Grief counseling provides a safe and supportive space to express your emotions without judgment.
  • Through personalized counseling sessions, you'll explore your unique grief journey, identify coping strategies, and develop tools to manage your pain.
  • Julie, a trained counselor will guide you in processing memories, finding meaning in your loss, and ultimately moving towards healing and acceptance.
  • You'll learn healthy ways to honor your loved one's memory while also finding ways to navigate life with renewed resilience and purpose.

My Commitment to You:

  • At Johnson Counseling & Coaching, I understand the depth of your pain and the complexity of grief.
  • Our compassionate team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, offering telehealth options for your convenience and comfort.
  • Together, we'll embark on a journey of healing, growth, and honoring the legacy of your loved one, your loss, your life change in a meaningful way.

Reach out to Julie, Certified Grief Informed Professional, today for personalized grief and bereavement counseling services in Newark, OH.

Julie is online and can assist you in Ohio, Florida, or South Carolina. You don't have to face this journey alone.