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Where are you located?

We are anywhere you are across Ohio, Florida, and South Carolina states providing therapy when you need it most. Our psychotherapy practice is conducted exclusively online, via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing. Whether you are in Cleveland to Cincinnati in Ohio,  Pensacola to Key West in Florida, or Greenville to Savannah, South Carolina, we are here to help.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, Forms of payment can be any major credit card, debit card, or HSA card. The intake paperwork will request that a card is on file. This card will be used for payments and for late/missed appointments immediately. All payments are a 3.6% charge due to a rise in small business credit card charges. We do not accept cash or check. In an extraordinary circumstance that a check is accepted, it must be mailed to our billing office. If the check bounces there is a fee of $40 to cover bank fees and $40 for our office fee, totaling an additional of $80 plus the balance of services due immediately with your card on file. The card is confidential and through our HIPAA paperwork that is completed on the private, confidential, and HIPAA-compliant program.

Do you take insurance?

Yes, the company takes many insurances. It is your responsibility prior to the sessions to know your deductible and your co-pay, along with ensuring the insurance covers therapy, as not all insurances will. If you have a deductible, you will be responsible for the cost of the sessions at the time of the session, capped to what the insurance contracted to rate is. Each insurance is different. If you have met your deductible, you will be responsible for your co-pay /co-insurance due at the time of the session. Please note, that it is your responsibility to pay in the event your insurance is not covering services.

How long is the therapy session?

An hour session is 50 minutes. The 50-minute session includes your session and scheduling the next session. If you choose to use less than 50 minutes, you are still charged the 50-minute session.

Do you complete disability/FMLA paperwork?

We do not typically fill out disability paperwork, however, in special cases we do. If we do, it is expected that the client will continue treatment during any time off work usually required by the employer, and EAP benefits to increase coping skills, and treatment to improve the specific issue that the time is taken off for. DO NOT take time off assuming paperwork will be completed as you may not meet the criteria and our counselors may not deem disability the first line of course and disagree with your taking time off and will not fill out the forms. Bottom line, disability forms are not a guarantee, we only do them in special circumstances and rarely, and we have the right to not complete paperwork. If using EAP for services, EAP does not allow disability paperwork to be completed as this service is to keep you working and balance your health whether emotionally and/or physically.

What’s the first session like?

Your paperwork must be completed 24 or more hours in advance in completion or the appointment will be automatically canceled. The counselor will ask you to share your reasons for seeking counseling and what you would like to accomplish (your goals for counseling) as part of your intake assessment. Often the therapeutic work begins in the very first session. The counselor will discuss with you any insights or recommendations and together we will make a plan to achieve your goals. Using insurance, it is required that we ask specific questions for the intake and give you a diagnosis that will be part of your health insurance record. Both, private pay and insurance, require specific paperwork to be completed for HIPAA and personal information. We will take payment and schedule the next appointment. All paperwork sent to you from our portal MUST be completed in advance of the session or the session will need to be rescheduled.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you miss, no call/no show, or do not cancel prior to 24 + hours, with best practice if you need to cancel on a Monday you MUST contact your therapist directly on Friday, you will be responsible at the rate of $125. If you are using EAP, you lose a session. If you email the office or call the office and leave a VM, this is not calling off to your therapist as they may not have the same hours as your therapist and you may need to discuss rescheduling with them. Your therapist must be contacted directly via phone or email to your specific therapist.  All therapist contact information is on the website, the emails are hyperlinked so you may just click the email. You will receive an email appointment reminder which is not a responsible email, as it is an automatically sent reminder only.

When insurance isn’t covered and must be Private Pay

Unfortunately, not every issue clients come to counseling is covered by insurance. We will not know 100% until the first meeting. When this occurs it is due to coaching sessions or the client doesn’t meet the criteria of a diagnosis that insurance covers. There is no way to know until the session has occurred unless you specify it is a coaching session. Due to our high standards of ethics, we cannot not and will not diagnose someone just for insurance to be used. There will be times that individuals also will not want on record a diagnosis due to restrictions on health insurance and life insurance-which can be denied or higher premiums.

Is there Video therapy?

Video therapy is a useful tool used in many instances. The platform used is HIPAA-compliant. This is a great option for many reasons and with Ohio winter this allows us to have a session without being on the road. Perhaps you are limited on a lunch break or have limited transportation, this is for you! The choice of video or telephone (for individuals only) is available. Per most states, the first appointment is required to be video to confirm you match your ID and insurance. Please make sure you are in a private area for your confidentiality. Please be dressed appropriately as if you are going to an office appointment. Be mindful of where you are for your session.

Is there Telephonic therapy?

Yes, many insurances and EAP do allow telephonic appointments. These are useful and effective in cases where you are unable to use our video option. The session will be similar to video sessions. For best results, use headphones, and PLEASE be in a private area. Your deductible/co-pay or private rate will apply to these sessions.

Some insurance tiers do not allow for telehealth therapy, please check with your insurance. If you give us your insurance card, it is assumed you checked we are in-network or you chose to use out-of-network benefits. If insurance doesn’t pay, the balance is your responsibility. We can give you paperwork to submit to your out-of-network benefits. Your deductible/co-pay or private rate will apply to these sessions.

Reasons to be PRIVATE Pay:

You do not have to have a diagnosis that goes on your permanent health record and/or a partner to see you are in therapy for your privacy through your statement (EOB) from your insurance company. Your life insurance can be affected by your permanent health record as such denials or higher premiums.  You may not qualify for a diagnosis and if you do not, your insurance would not pay for the services. A high deductible is required for your health insurance. You do not have to be tied to the rules of insurance with specific time constraints, diagnosis, and specific treatment therapies.


All coaching is private pay, (offered by Julie, Yentl for health, and Steve), specific goal plans, and a package. Please see the Coaching tab for information.  The difference is targeted specifically for goal-oriented readiness and modules that insurance will NOT pay for and benefit of trained professionals with result-oriented programs vs non-licensed coaches.