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About Julie


**All therapists are LGBTQIA+ Friendly

Clinical Therapist and Supervisor licensed in Ohio, Florida, and South Carolina

Owner of Johnson Counseling & Coaching, Supervisor, Mentor, Speaker, and therapist.

South Carolina services are Private Pay only.

Are you struggling to find meaning through grief? Are you feeling lost or lonely? Do you feel stuck in grief? Maybe depression has snuck into your life? Are you feeling shock, numbness, pain, or guilt?

Perhaps you are going through a divorce, thinking of divorcing, or a break-up? Maybe a sudden need for a career change, or even empty nesting and looking to navigate the next steps? Perhaps you are struggling with a parent who is going through illness. Change, loss, and grief can be complicated. and is not one size fits all.

Are you in a place of searching or yearning for what used to be or what could have been? Are you feeling a loss of sense of yourself or your role in life?

Whatever the case may be, I am here to provide respect, and support and assist you to move to an acceptance of your new way of life and become healthy and happy again.

Grief is universal, inevitable, and difficult. Sometimes we feel others don't want to hear our stories or feel we should "just move on or get over it". That can make us withdraw to a lonely and more isolating place in our lives. I am here to help, acknowledge your pain, and help you through your stuck points.

I work with adult individuals struggling with divorce, post-divorce, break-ups, those needing a listening ear for decision-making, changes in careers, lifestyle, and more. I provide support to caregivers and those in the helping professions, along with individuals who are looking for a change. I use listening, reflecting, nutrition, and meeting you where you are toward your goals. This is about you and your needs.

Highlights of Julie's Specialties

Individuals dating through post-divorce, (health & wellness, career coaching, NDE's (near death experiences), and grief counseling. Julie is a critical incident responder, corporate speaker, and supervisor to interns and first-year licensees through independent licensure. She is an accomplished business owner who has helped many therapists start up their own practice, hold retreats, and integrates career counseling as needed for her clients. Julie is known as a dynamic speaker, professor, blog writer, and mentor. As the owner of the practice, she upholds integrity, ethics, and quality care to all of her staff and clients.


Julie is diverse in her approach to therapy. She uses solution-focused, CBT. and Mindfulness with the client's strengths and insight. Unique in her diversity, she is versed in alternative spirituality. Julie is a results coach for private pay.

  • health & wellness
  • career coaching
  • NDE's (near-death experiences)
  • As a result coach, she uses different techniques than insurance allows.
  • Services provided for assisting families through grief and hospice care


Her style is straightforward. Client empowerment with compassion and respect. Julie uses relatable and realistic tools for you to move through your journey to accomplish your goals. She will assist you in setting up self-care, even if it is 5-10 minutes a day for stress reduction.

Clinical Experience

  • NDE's, spiritual matters (alternative practices)
  • Counseling/psychotherapy experience working with marriage, couples, individuals, groups, outdoor therapy, and Alcohol/Drugs.
  • Clinical Director experience in dual diagnoses residential facilities, pregnant women, with addictions, veterans, and adolescents.
  • Developed and assisted in the development of multiple mental health and AOD programs throughout Ohio.
  • Built multiple private practices for other clinicians.
  • Experienced Supervisor for interns and those who need supervision toward their licenses in Ohio and Florida.
  • On-site CISD

Credentials/Specialized Training

  • Multiple Therapist Licensures: Ohio. Florida, and South Carolina as a practicing Therapist and Supervisor
  • Nutrition and Mental Health
  • Meditation/Wellness therapies
  • Coaching (not covered by insurance)for relationships, business/career covered
  • Addictions
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga for Depression and Anxiety
  • EAP-including On-site CISD
  • Speaking engagements
  • Grief and Loss
  • Mandatory Referrals (with EAP)
  • Assessments
  • Certified Grief Counselor


  • Julie was a professor at Northwestern University at the Family Institute where she taught career and addictions.
  • Mental Health and Yoga
  • Coaching for businesses, growth, development, and more in the MH field for corporations and small businesses
  • Coaching clients to be successful in their career and self-care paths (separate from MH/Not eligible for health insurance/EAP services).


  • The University of Dayton-MS.ED
  • Capital University-BA

About Julie: Julie enjoys her self-care time through: Traveling, Kayaking, Skydiving, White Water Rafting, Camping, Ballroom & Latin dancing, and women's drum circle to name a few! Before becoming a therapist, Julie worked at The Ohio State University as an assistant to surgeons with Kidney/Pancreas transplants.

Julie is a sunshine-loving person and the outdoors is where she is found when not working. You will find her in the rivers and parks, going to plays in Columbus, and exploring Cincinnati and surrounding states. North Myrtle Beach area where she enjoys the winter holidays with family, and where she spent much of her childhood. Florida holds a special place in her heart. Julie believes her mission is to teach self-care.

***South Carolina***

South Carolina is Private Pay only. Julie's rate is $200 per session. If you qualify for out-of-network benefits, we can supply the Superbill to you monthly for you to turn into your insurance company.