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About Noelle


**All therapists are LGBTQAI+ Friendly

Clinical Therapist licensed in Ohio

Is your child struggling with anxiety, depression, school, or in your family? 

Are you lost in how to reach your child? 

I am here to help. I will assist by providing therapy for your child and/or you with a caring, listening, and respectful approach to your needs.

Is your family struggling? 

Are you feeling distant, lonely, or isolated in your relationship? 

Are you living with struggles that seem not to go away or be resolved long-term is not what you imagined your life to be? 

I can help assist and teach tools for healthy communication. problem-solving. and together we strive to reach your goals.

Have you experienced a loss in your life and having trouble moving forward? Feeling stuck, depressed, or anxious? 

Life hits us all at some point and there are times when you want to talk to someone that will listen, in a judgment-free zone that is for you. 

Perhaps you feel your friends or family just don't want to listen or can be impartial. I provide a space that is centered on you and your goals.

Life isn't easy, therapy can help. Together with a supportive person to give you the space to realize your needs and take steps toward the future you imagine is a step that takes courage. Glad you are here.

Highlights for My Specialities

Individuals (ages 12+), Couples, Families dealing with anxiety, depression, and loss.


Noelle's work involves traditional talk therapy, person-centered, positive psychology, and some aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). She has experience working with clients who are facing difficulties with depression, anxiety, grief/loss, parenting issues, family issues, dealing with trauma, stress management, and finding work/life balance.


Clinical Experience

  • Psychotherapy with individuals, (children, teens, and adults) who are facing difficulties with depression, anxiety, grief/loss, parenting issues, family issues, trauma, stress management, and finding work-life balance.

Credentials/Specialized Training

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) state of Ohio
  • Currently licensed as LPC under the supervision of Julie Johnson, LPCC-S, LMHC-S working toward LPCC
  • Clinical Practice of Cognitive Therapy training with the Cleveland Center for Cognitive Therapy (10/14-7/15)


  • Cleveland State University, M.ED in Clinical Counseling (2009-2012)
  • Miami University, BA (2000-2012)

Professional Affiliations

  • American Counseling Association